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Early Stubblefields in America
Robert Stubblefield Family b.1803
William K. Stubblefield Family b.1825
William K. Obituary 1909
Thomas Jefferson Stubblefield Family b.1835
James Jasper Stubblefield Family b.1837
Stubblefield Family Reunion
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Early Stubblefields in America

How we all got here...

The first Stubblefield to come to America that I can find is Symon Stubblefield b.1629 in England, d.1688 in VA. One story in my family is Stubblefield brothers came to America and one of them was given a land grant of 50,000 acres in N.E. Virginea by the King of England. These stories may have been about Symon's sons.

I found an entry in the Stubblefield Family Genealogy Forum on the internet by Diane Stubblefield Sylvester dated Oct. 9, 1998 that I thought was interesting and corroborates the stories I had heaard in my family:

"Here's what I have on Simon - none of it is original research: Simon Stubblefield was born in England about 1629, in a village called Castle Camps, near Cambridge. Simon's father Jefferye Stubblefield, b. 1596 in Castle Camps, married circa 1620 in Castle Camps, Marye -, b. 1600 (?) in Castle Camps. Simon's grandfather, William Stubblefield, b. 1570, was also born in Castle Camps as was he grandmother, Annys -, b. 1575. Annys died 2 May 1626 in Castle Camps.

Simon lived in Virginea as early as March 27, 1672, but possibly sooner, when a matter of differences between Ed. Cheesman and Thomas Cheesman and Symon Stubblefield 'was refeerred to judgement in England'. On April 23, 1688, he was granted 288 acres in Gloucester County, Virginia, for transporting four persons into the colony; the land was near the courthouse and adjacent to the land of William Ross. In 1704, he paid quit rents on 200 acres in Ware Parish, Gloucester County. In 1656, in Halifax Co., Virginia, 36,000 acres were awaaarded to George Stubblefield from the King of England, and 17,000 acres were given to him in the same year from Lord Halifax..."

Although the dates don't quite match up, it does confirm a large amount of land was given to the early Stubblefields from the King of England.

Simon apparantly has two sons. They were Edward b.? and George who was born in 1675 in VA. Georges's wife was Ann. Robert Stubblefield was the son of George and Ann. Robert was b.1702 in VA and died 1775 in NC. Robert's wife was Anne Parker, b.1704 in VA/d.1787 in TN. Robert and Anne had seven children Their sixth was Wyatt, b.1744 and married Ann Challis. Wyatt Jr. was the son of Wyatt** and lived in Grainger Co., TN. Robert Stubblefield b.9Apr1803, was the son of Wyatt Jr. and Jemima. Wyatt Jr. died in 1816 and Jemima remarried in 1820. Robert was the next on taxed on their 100 acres per the tax records.

This Robert b.9Apr1803, is where my story begins.....

** The relationship of Wyatt to Wyatt Jr. is in dispute. At this time we don't have positive proof of this relationship. There are some pedigree charts showing this relationship, there are others that don't.

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I may also include a map of the location of our family's origin