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1. HTML 4 for the World Wide Web:Visual Quickstart Guide. / Get this beginners book and you can make your own genealogy web page!

2. The Stubblefield Family Reunion is usually held in Joseph, Oregon/Wallowa Lake (NE Oregon) during the month of June. This year's reunion will be held on June 24, 2000 at the Hurricane Creek Grange. All Stubblefields are invited, but those descendants of William K., Thomas Jefferson, and James Jasper Stubblefield are especially encouraged to come. If you would like more info on the reunion, please e-mail Georgia Stubblefield.

3. A Tree Grows in Funks Grove: a history of the Funk-Stubblefield families of McLean County, Illinois / Get this book and learn more about early Stubblefields.

4. A really good genealogy webpage is found at

5. GENEALOGY ONLINE for Dummies.- This book teaches you all about getting genealogy off the Internet. Get this book and you will find dozens of web sites that have just what you are looking for!

6. Another great web page is the Stubblefield Family Forum. On this webpage Stubblefields from all over the country ask questions about their lines and receive replies. Check it out.

7. Genealogy Via the Internet: Tracing Your Family Quickly and Easily: Computerized Genealogy in Plain English. - This less expensive book also teaches you how to find many genealogy sites on the internet but is written more for the first-time or novice internet user. This might be a good book to get if you are just starting off.

8. THE STUBBLEFIELD TRAIL collection - This book, edited by Judith Field, is a collection of stories about William K. Stubblefield and his descendants. For information on this book, please e-mail Judith Field.